Some say there are two ways to approach image making. One is to be influenced by the surrounding environment. Another is to create primarily from an inner world without external reference.My images rely on both.

My paintings combine two passions: making art and collecting - linking the past, present, and future through inanimate objects, memories, and relationships. Figures and objects are dramatically lit, some intentionally blurred to obscure positive identification, yet remaining vaguely familiar.

The subjects of my work are as diverse as my interests. I use a variety of props for my compositions, including toys, matches, fire, trophies, and portraits of family, friends, and students. The common thread that binds them is time: nostalgia for the past, recognition of former achievements, moments captured in a glance or pose, and the power in a flame's brief life.

My aim has always been to create intellectually and emotionally significant statements of the soul.